Aqua Cycling: The Aquatic Workout You Need to Try

For a fresh, innovative workout, aqua cycling can take you to the next level.

With basic exercise equipment, it’s possible to get a good workout at home. Lifting weights, treadmill running, and stationary cycling are all traditional options – but how long before they’re collecting dust in the corner?

What if I told you by just adding a little water, you can take your home workouts up a notch by introducing your body to aquatic exercise!

Any adult-sized pool has extraordinary potential for exercise. And with some added equipment, you can turn your pool into the ultimate fitness experience, just like with the machines you’re familiar with using at the gym.

For example, if you’re a big fan of the stationary bike or indoor cycling, then you’re sure to love aqua cycling—the new and improved version.


Place the endless pools Aquabike in front of the current in this Streamline® pool, and you get added resistance for a more vigorous, effective workout. Aqua cycling gives you 360-degree resistance for your cross training, triathlon training, or weight loss goals.



Aquatic exercise can be just as beneficial to you as your everyday exercises, with a new set of challenges exclusive to an underwater environment!

Water provides 360-degree resistance. It delivers a more challenging workout, helping you develop your stamina. While it works your muscles in new ways, it’ll feel much easier on your body! The buoyancy of the water will support your joints and make you feel lighter.

This way, you’re getting a total-body workout with less chance of an accidental injury.

You can use a pool for every phase of your workout. Warm-up and cool-down stretches are both easier in a pool, and of course a pool gives you a great opportunity for cardio.


Endless Pools swim spas deliver versatility for swimming, relaxation, fitness, and fun. Busy parents can use aqua cycling in any swim spa for a cardiovascular workout — without sacrificing quality time with the family! It’s a great time saver, combining fitness with childcare.


Swimming against Endless Pools’ signature current is the most popular way that people use our pools for fitness. Pools are great for various kinds of exercise, though. You can choose options to further enhance or personalize your aquatic exercise experience, such as the Aquabike.


Traditional pools can get upgraded to a home gym with Endless Pools! This inground pool features our Fastlane current system for swimming and resistance. With our Aquabike, the Fastlane current adds a gentle core workout to your aqua cycling routine.



According to Fit People, aqua cycling first stepped into the spotlight in Europe, and has since gained popularity on a global scale. It’s no wonder why!

The resistance of the water — and with Endless Pools, the current –- adds to the strength of the workout. Moving your legs in a cycling motion through water is exercise in and of itself, as with a stationary bike on land. Aqua cycling is a more streamlined version of those exercises.

Aqua cycling is a cardio workout, which can lead to improvement in circulation and mood while also burning calories. Even though some workouts can tire you out, cardiovascular exercises will get your energy up!



Aqua cycling can also increase strength and reduce stress. The pattern of a typical aqua cycling workout, which is made up of intervals, has been compared to Spinning® classes. They’re both aerobic exercises, and can have similar benefits.

With aqua cycling, though, you can set your own pace. This sets it apart from a lot of other types of exercise. You don’t necessarily need a high-intensity workout for it to have a positive impact, although the Aquabike can certainly give you one of those, too!

If you enjoy the invigorating feeling you get from a stationary bike or indoor cycling classes, the Aquabike may be just what you need. It’ll be an easy transition from your on-land exercise routine to an aquatic one.

This product is, as the name implies, essentially a stationary bike, only in your pool. With aquatic cycling, you will be circling through the water while your head and at least part of your torso remains above the surface. There’s no stopping to come up for air necessary!



With our Aquabike, you can get a great workout in the comfort of your own home! Set the water to your ideal temperature and get aqua cycling! In addition to resistance and support, aquatic exercise also makes it easier to stay cool!


The Endless Pools Aquabike gives you must-have features you’ll want for your aqua cycling regimen. It’s lightweight, to get in and out of your pool or swim spa easily. It has three points of adjustability for the perfect fit. With no gears, it’s easy to maintain; for greater resistance, just pedal faster; water’s natural density will give you all the workout that you can handle!


Don’t forget to drink water, though — just because you’re in a pool doesn’t mean that you’re hydrated! You’ll still work up a sweat; you just won’t notice!

The Aquabike is fairly lightweight at only 20.9 lbs./9.5 kg and is easily taken out of the pool when you’re done! It’s very stable in the water and can accommodate someone up to 6’7” and 330 lbs.

It won’t be as much of a workout out of water, since the pedals are built to catch the water for increased resistance. When you want to use the pool for other purposes, it’s great to know you’ll still have lots of space! You can just put the bike back in the pool when you want to get aqua cycling again!

The frame is made from aluminum, with adjustable legs, handlebars, and seat. Depending on how you make those adjustments, the maximum dimensions for the Aquabike are 18” x 40” x 58.5”, while minimum dimensions are 18” x 40” x 45.5”.



Aqua cycling is a great way to get into aquatic exercise. It’s the underwater version of an immensely popular on-land exercise, whether with a stationary bike or one that can move!

If you want to get into aquatic exercise yourself, an Aquabike could be just the way to do that.