Gas Power: 5 reasons you should consider a gas pizza oven for your home or business

1.Rush hour is no joke

Whether you’re dealing with a crush of lunchtime customers, or you’ve got buzzing night-time trade, a gas pizza oven might be the best way to keep up with demand. A gas burner maintains in-oven temperatures without the need to keep stoking the fire. For a busy neighborhood pizzeria, gas is is a reliable backup option. And for your home, the convenience of a gas pizza oven is also unmatched. It reaches the right temperature in a shorter time, and maintains it better.

2. “No burn days” will cool your competitors’ fires

We’ve written before about how many jurisdictions are instituting “no burn days”. Emissions control is a serious business, and needs to be observed if you’re going to do your bit to improve air quality. Being able to switch over to gas will keep your pizzeria pumping when the wood-fired ovens go cold, making yours a destination restaurant on no burn days.

3. The green market is growing

Aside from observing no burn days, gas is generally better for the environment. A gas pizza oven will bring you the goodwill of green customers and ethical consumers. You may even choose to market your pizzeria in terms of its green credentials, widening your appeal among the millennial set. At home, gas lowers your personal carbon footprint. As ethical consuming starts filtering into the real estate market, having a gas pizza oven in your home could help set you apart and add value to your property when it comes time to sell.

4. Baking bread is easier

If you’re broadening your pizzeria’s offering to include breads, your pizza oven may need to double-up as a bread oven. Going this route? Then gas is the option you’re looking for. Gas makes slower cooking at lower temperatures much easier, freeing you up to get on with preparing the kitchen for the busier sessions later in the day. At home, the convenience of a gas pizza oven will mean you’re more likely to use it to bake a couple of loaves of wonderful, fresh bread if you know you can easily control the heat.

5. Clean-up is a breeze

A bit of flour, a couple of dropped pepperoni slices, maybe a bit of sauce, versus the ash and coal of many hours’ worth of burnt wood: it’s a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to which one you’d rather clean up. The mess generated from making pizzas for a family of four can be a major deterrent for some. With a gas pizza oven, it’s easier, and clean-up is simple.