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Our high-performance grills come with endless customization features

Our Brands Drawers & Storage Refrigeration
A Centerpiece of your Outdoor Kitchen
We don't offer your typical big box store grills. We only carry high-quality grills.

Our Brands Drawers & Storage Refrigeration
Custom Outdoor Kitchen Grills & Components
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Our Brands Drawers & Storage Refrigeration
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With a great grill the chef is no longer the lonely guy in the party. 

Our grills will impress and delight your friends and family as they gather around in your outdoor kitchen. Fun Outdoor Living offers professional grade built-in grills and grill carts that are long lasting, customizable and beautiful.

3 Great Grills!

Fun Outdoor Living offers the entire lineup of Bull, DCS and Lynx grills. These brands stand at the top when it comes to quality, performance and features. With one of these great grills, you’ll be sure to have an outdoor kitchen or a backyard of your dreams with a great cooking experience that you can’t get elsewhere.

Bull grills come at an excellent price point making this one of the best in terms of value for your money, 

DCS Grills offers high performance and a great value for chef quality cooking control.

Lynx Grills represent the finest quality and performance that you can get from a grill. 

The last grill that you'll ever need to buy

Close up capture of a DCS stainless steel grill with a stainless steel fridge, counter, storage, and stove in front of a green bush and tree background

Grill carts can accompany other wheeled accessories so that you can expand your outdoor kitchen at any time or move it freely around.

Which Grill is Best for You?

Built-in grills are the centerpiece of a great outdoor kitchen. Our range of built-ins are high performance grills that come in natural gas or LPG configurations and can make your next barbecue special. Constructed with high quality materials, our built-ins will last you a lifetime. Learn more about our range of built-ins and talk to a backyard expert today on how you can incorporate one of these outstanding grills into your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen Planning

Fun Outdoor Living will help you design and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Our experts can help make recommendations based on your needs.


We will help you make the most with any budget. We excel at backyard projects, big or small.


We don’t hard-sell you on things that you don’t really want or need. You are the boss of your backyard.


We make the best recommendations based on your home and outdoor living space.

Close up of a grey colored tiled rock bar with wooden stools and designed in an outdoor kitchen including a grill, oven, and wooden roof with a forest in the background
The built-in grill will make any outdoor kitchen stand out.
Close up of an outdoor grey colored tiled rock counter with a stainless steel grill and an adjacent stainless steel refrigerator with red and green apple water punch above the refrigerator
Ask us about additional BBQ island accessories to compliment your grill and give you everything you need.

Take advantage of easy financing options that are right for you.

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