Grill Carts

Professional Grill Carts
High performance grills that will make anyone jealous.

30" Grill Carts 36" Grill Carts 48" Grill Carts
Bring the Grill Anywhere
All the same features of a built-in but easily moved to where you need it.

30" Grill Carts 36" Grill Carts 48" Grill Carts
For Outdoor Spaces of Any Size
Grill carts allows you to enjoy the essentials in small areas such as balconies or patios.

30" Grill Carts 36" Grill Carts 48" Grill Carts
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Professional freestanding grills for next level outdoor cooking

Fun Outdoor Living carries a wide range of grill carts and accessories which will make your next barbecue effortless. With high quality features and powerful, precision burners, these grills will do justice to those high-end steaks. Stop dealing with those cookie cutter, big box store grills and get something that will never let you down for years to come.

30" Grill Carts

30″ grill carts and smaller are great for the weekend chef. For those with limited space or smaller families, you won’t be disappointed to upgrade to one of our smaller grills which will go with you wherever you need it. 

36" Grill Carts

36″-38″ grills carts are a perfect medium between the smaller and larger models. These grills offer enough grilling space for small parties and will allow you to set up different heating zones for cooking at different temperatures or for indirect heating.

48" Grill Carts

48″ grill cart models and larger are for cooks who need every inch of grilling space for their big parties. There is no compromise in quality here. These grills will give you the highest output needed for big cooking tasks.

The last grill that you'll ever need to buy

Close up capture of a DCS stainless steel grill with a stainless steel fridge, counter, storage, and stove in front of a green bush and tree background

Grill carts can accompany other wheeled accessories so that you can expand your outdoor kitchen at any time or move it freely around.

Features and accessories that take you beyond any regular capability

Ask us about any of the number of additional features available for your built-in grill which will make it the most flexible and powerful cooking device in your home. 


Side Burners

Infrared Burners

Grill Illumination


Smoke Boxes

Temperature Gauges

Outdoor Kitchen Planning

Fun Outdoor Living will help you design and build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Our experts can help make recommendations based on your needs.


We will help you make the most with any budget. We excel at backyard projects, big or small.


We don’t hard-sell you on things that you don’t really want or need. You are the boss of your backyard.


We make the best recommendations based on your home and outdoor living space.

Get a grill cart that will expand your cooking capabilities
Learn from the backyard experts about the key features and benefits with our range of freestanding grills.

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