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Things to Consider When Building an Outdoor Kitchen

We can help you build your dream outdoor kitchen, but there are some items you will want to consider on your own:

  • Planning & Design – think about the nature around your planning area, measure your area, consider your budget when deciding which items you want to include.
  • Shapes – There are three main kitchen shapes: straight island, L-shaped and U-shaped.
  • Lay out zones – There are hot zones, cold zones, wet zones and prep zones.
  • Materials – Decide if you will be using combustible materials early on so you know what kind of materials to construct your outdoor kitchen out of.
  • Equipment – Measurements are very important here. Ask our experts to help you choose.
  • Seating – how many people will be enjoying your outdoor kitchen on a regular basis?
  • Safety – slip resistant flooring is very popular in outdoor kitchens, a gas shut-off valve is important in case of emergency and lighting is important for safety at night.