Cabinet Fillers

For base cabinets, wall cabinets, and corners, filler pieces give your outdoor kitchen the perfect fit. The use of fillers addresses several issues in kitchen installation. Werever’s outdoor cabinets, like most cabinets, have doors that open beyond 90 degrees. We use 100 degree stainless steel self closing hinges. This means that the doors open beyond the width of the cabinet. With door hardware installed on the cabinet doors, a cabinet door without fillers would make contact with the wall. Also, most walls in houses actually aren’t perfectly straight! Cabinets should always be installed plumb and level. Fillers let the cabinet be perfectly installed, compensating for any flaws in walls.

Werever’s fillers have a return piece, allowing the filler to attach to the cabinet securely using our provided stainless steel truss bolts, using the pre-drilled holes in the cabinet interior. Fillers are pre-drilled to have the same matching bolt pattern as the cabinets. This makes installation much easier.

Base fillers with double returns are helpful when you have a gap, but need some structural integrity connecting two items. These fillers have the same reveal between the filler piece and the neighboring cabinet as a cabinet door has. This minor detail in offset is an example of why the fit and finish of a Werever kitchen is the best in the industry. Werever goes to great lengths to standardize dimensions across all pieces for a consistent, perfect fit.

Refrigerator fillers are generally installed to fill the space (if necessary) between a cabinet and an appliance with a door that opens, typically a refrigerator. Outdoor rated under-counter refrigerators are usually 24″ wide, but not always. Sometimes, you can save money in a design by selecting a 20″ refrigerator, and putting two double return fillers on either side of the refrigerator. The secondary return on the appliance side will conceal the gap created when the door is opened. If/when the refrigerator fails, if you want to upgrade to a 24″ refrigerator, simply remove the fillers.

Wall fillers are ordered to match the cabinet’s height. Wall fillers have a return piece that matches the depth of the neighboring wall cabinet. This prevents the installation from having visible gaps and gives a finished, custom-fit look.

When creating a dead corner with wall cabinets, a special wall corner filler is needed to fill the void in the dead corner’s bottom. This is an example of a unique piece Werever has created to aid installation. Without this piece, it is up to the installer to order unfinished pieces and solve the problem in the field of having a big void showing. This piece is easily bolted between the two cabinets with a factory build piece that has matching CNC-finished edges that could not otherwise be easily achieved in the field.