Full Height Door Base Cabinet

An outdoor cabinet with a full height door gives you the most possible storage for your outdoor kitchen. This style cabinet has adjustable shelves behind the door(s). In addition to giving the most storage of any style base cabinet, this is also our most economical base cabinet with doors. The more HDPE material that is used in a cabinet, the more it costs. That is why a bank of drawers costs more than a full height door cabinet.

Our Outdoor Base Cabinets with Full Height Door are designed standard with two adjustable shelves and have either one or two doors depending upon width. Additional shelves and even pull-out trays (up to 30” wide) can be added for specialty storage and added functionality to meet your needs.

Standard Height: 34.75” overall (31” box)

Standard Depth: 24” overall (23” box)

Available Modifications:

Extend Side Panel (L/R) +12”

Increase Height +6”

Decrease Height -6”

Decrease Width -3”

Increase Depth +12”

Decrease Depth -12”

Add Shelf (up to 36”W) +1

Add Pull-Out Tray (up to 30”W) +3

For more information regarding product dimensions and information, please view our complete Specification Sheet.