Outdoor Bar Cabinets

This style cabinet is a very unique feature that is not available with competing outdoor cabinet manufacturers. WerEver has innovated outdoor cabinet design with a unique shaped cabinet intended for exposed bar sections. The back of the cabinet is extended 4 inches with a 6 inch raised piece. This allows you to create a bar section without building a retaining wall. This saves time and money when building your outdoor kitchen bar. All base cabinet styles are available in bar-height models.

To mask the seams of the cabinet backs, add a finished/decorative back panel to a section of bar cabinets. You could also clad the back of the outdoor cabinets with a material of your choice and apply a stone finish if you prefer.

Bi-Level Cabinets allow you to create a bar section without building a retaining/pony wall. This cabinet has a 4.5” deep section integrated at back and rises 6” above the working surface (standard bar height). Bi-Level Cabinets are built as a single structural unit with no seams in the cabinet sides for strength and structural integrity at the sides and bar section.

The Bi-Level Cabinet design is available for all standard Werever Cabinets. Complete the look with Finished Back Panels in either plain or with decorative detail upgrade.

Standard Cabinet Depth: 28.5” overall (27.5” box)

Grill Cabinet Depth: 31.5” overall (30.5” box)

Available Modifications:

Most modifications available on standard cabinets are also available with Bi-Level Cabinets. Consult with your Account Manager for additional information.

For more information regarding product dimensions and information, please view our complete Specification Sheet.

In addition to saving installation hassle by skipping the construction of a retaining wall, an outdoor cabinet with the built-in bar height section is a very practical consideration with regard to seating comfort. If you sit at an outdoor kitchen bar in shorts and the wall is covered in stacked stone, this can be extremely painful if you bump your knees. With so much experience in outdoor kitchens, we often think of the practical application of an outdoor kitchen that is often overlooked by other outdoor kitchen designers. If you were to say “I like the stone look”, well that is a perfectly justified position. Our cabinetry can be enhanced and accented with stone. Look in our photo gallery for examples. But also consider where you put the stone. You might prefer to have an HDPE backed bar for comfort.