Side Burner Outdoor Cabinets

side burner cabinet is essentially a small grill cabinet. They have the same style face that is custom cut to fit your side burner, just like a grill cabinet. Depending on the specifications of your side burner, an insulating liner may be required to hold the appliance. Side burner cabinets are available in 3 inch increments and can hold a variety of outdoor kitchen accessories.

Today’s side burners include very powerful 60,000 BTU burners capable of boiling large pots of water or quickly heating oversized pans. To make it easier to reach the top of a large pot, sometimes the side burner cabinet is shortened. Then, the countertop is extended down the side of the adjacent cabinet to create a protective side and back splash.

Side Burner Cabinets are cut and built to order, with face plate, doors, and support structures designed and cut specifically for your Burner model and your countertop thickness.

Some Burners installed in a Werever Cabinet will require an Insulating Jacket for combustible enclosures from the Grill Manufacturer. Consult with your Account Manager for the correct size Side Burner Cabinet.

Standard Height: 34.75” overall (31” box)

Standard Depth: 27” overall (26” box)*

*NOTE: Most Side Burners will require a 27-30” deep cabinet. Consult with your Account Manager for the correct size Side Burner Cabinet for your specified Appliances.

Available Modifications:

Extend Side Panel (L/R) +12”

Increase Height +6”

Decrease Height -6”

Decrease Width -3”

Increase Depth +12”

Decrease Depth -3”

For more information regarding product dimensions and information, please view our complete Specification Sheet.