Three-Drawer Base Cabinets

three-drawer base cabinet gives ample storage for large items like pots and pans. Available in 3 inch increments, this cabinet is available up to 21 inches wide. Beyond 21 inches in width a four-drawer cabinet is required.

Drawer Base Cabinets are often the most functional cabinets in an outdoor kitchen. The 3-Drawer Base provides a top drawer for small items, and two deep drawers for larger items such as pots, pans, and larger grilling tools. Position a Drawer Base Cabinet near your cooking areas for easy access to your utensils and accessories.

Standard Height: 34.75” overall (31” box)

Standard Depth: 24” overall (23” box)

Available Modifications:

Extend Side Panel (L/R) +12”

Decrease Height -6”

Decrease Width -3”

Increase Depth +12”

Decrease Depth -9”

Special Modification:

Request for the top drawer of this cabinet to be a false face and install this cabinet below a drop-in Side Burner for additional drawer utility in your outdoor kitchen.

For more information regarding product dimensions and information, please view our complete Specification Sheet.